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Because of the unique nature of the products & services we provide, costs vary widely. For an accurate estimate, please call or email us.

For an idea of approximate charges for some projects, please take a look at our updated Pricing Guide: Pricing Guide

Payment Options:

We happily accept cash, most personal or business checks & occasionally we will trade/barter for products/services. You may also pay using PayPal & most major credit cards, but be advised that there will be a 3% surcharge if you use these payment methods..

We generally expect payment upon completion of the job*. However, we will wait for a check under certain circumstances, when arranged in advance.

Estimates are always free but, sorry, no free artwork.

Sales Tax: Most of our services are sales tax exempt.
Items which are
sales taxable include: banners, magnetic signs, paper signs, signs which we do not install, most vinyl lettering & graphics, and miscellaneous odd items. If you or your business are sales tax exempt, we will need you to fill out an exemption certificate.

* Some larger projects require a 50% down payment in advance.


More About Pricing...

If you are looking for the cheapest, bargain-basement/flea market type prices, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Besides the years & years (decades) spent developing the skills & expertise to do this type of work, the following business expenses are taken into consideration when setting our prices:

- We use only the highest quality supplies & materials...paints & brushes, paint thinners/reducers & other paint additives, substrates, vinyls, computer equipment & software, clean-up materials, etc., The price of these items is always on the rise.

- Travel expenses include auto payment & insurance, maintenance & repairs, gas (YIKES!), etc.

- Shop expenses may include business insurance, property taxes, utilities (phone, electricity/gas, internet, trash removal/water/sewer, etc.), maintenance/repairs...

- And then there are federal & state taxes, life/disability insurance, health insurance, savings/retirement...



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