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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

How much do Signs/Pinstriping/Graphics cost?

Each job is unique so prices vary widely. We always do our best to give our customers what they want, and we can work with almost any budget. Please call or email for a free estimate.

That said, most of our focus is on special, artistic, high-quality graphics with great customer service. If you are looking for the cheapest price for simple vinyl lettering, you will probably be better off ordering discount vinyl over the internet or from your local "fast" sign store.

How do I take care of my Paint & Vinyl Lettering or Pinstriping?


When properly cared for, your lettering or pinstriping should last for many years. We've personally experienced it lasting 10 years or more. Do not wax, buff or power-wash for 30 days. After 3 days, you may wash gently by hand. When power-washing*, keep wand at least several feet away from lettering or pinstriping. For longest lasting results, as with all painted surfaces, protect from the elements & excessive wear whenever possible. Painted signs need no special care.


Most regular vinyl is warranted by the manufacturer for 5-7 years. Premium vinyls may last 8-10 years. Specialty vinyls (metallic, reflective, fluorescent, etc.) don't generally last as long (6-12 months).

For vinyl lettering, wash gently until vinyl is bonded to paint. However, as with paint, close-up or excessive power-washing may erode the surface. Vinyl signs need no special care.

*For best results, DO NOT POWER-WASH painted or vinyl graphics. We cannot be responsible for paint or vinyl failure due to power-washing.

Which is better, Paint or Vinyl?

Please see our Paint vs. Vinyl page.

What is the price difference between Paint & Vinyl?

Generally, the cost is about the same.

What about Digital Printing?

We don't do digital printing at this time.

The equipment to produce it is expensive, the results can look sort of "flat" & aren't always long-lasting, our customers aren't asking for it, and we can produce excellent custom graphics without it.

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